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Add scripts to package.json

By Mike Aparicio

We can add commands to the scripts section of our package.json file to make shorter aliases for running Eleventy as well as combining it with other commands. For now, let's set up a development command, which will run Eleventy in watch mode and refresh the browser when we make changes, and a production command, which will just build the site.


  1. Open package.json.

  2. In the "scripts" section of package.json, add the following:

"scripts": {
"start": "npx @11ty/eleventy --serve",
"build": "npx @11ty/eleventy"
  1. Run the start script from the command line
npm start
  1. You should see something like this:
[Browsersync] Access URLs:
Local: http://localhost:8080
UI: http://localhost:3001
UI External: http://localhost:3001
[Browsersync] Serving files from: _site