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Eleventy Recipes

There's a ton of great Eleventy starter kits out there but they're pretty opinionated about their features and dependencies. 11ty.recipes helps you build an Eleventy site from scratch, showing you how to add individual features to craft the exact site you need.


  1. Start an Eleventy site from scratch
  2. Create a Github repository for your Eleventy site
  3. Deploy an Eleventy site to Netlify
  4. Add a layout
  5. Add front matter to all files in a directory
  6. Add files using passthrough file copy
  7. Add scripts to package.json
  8. Change the default directories
  9. Add a 404 page
  10. Add global data
  11. Add a Sitemap
  12. Create a collection
  13. Add pagination
  14. Add a Sass workflow